Is Payoneer Better to Use For Blogging? (Tip: Earn a Free Payoneer Bonus)

Is Payoneer better to use for blogging? In your mind, this question may have arrived that how to Sign UP for Payoneer & earn Free Payoneer Sign UP Bonus when you were thinking of switching from other online payment methods to Payoneer. So here we will find out whether it is the right choice for sending and receiving payment from international companies as well as individuals.

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So let’s start the details overview on Payoneer online transaction company. it will make more sense when we all know about the Payoneer company.

Payoneer company is a financial online payment company which enables you to do online transaction between different countries without facing any kind of risk. The company was started in 2005 and now it has emerged as the most trustable company to send and receive payments from multinational companies or be it from individuals.


The best thing which makes Payoneer most preferable for the online transaction method is its features and extreme services they are providing.

Why use Payoneer?

The question arrives why we should use Payoneer instead of other companies like PayPal, Skrull etc who also provide the facility for online transaction.


Today everyone is working from home as a freelancer or pursuing the blogging career or the trending job as an affiliate marketing. In all of these we have to deal with major companies like freelancer, Fiverr, work, Google Adsense and many more multinational companies which pay in their currencies and if you are from another country then it becomes difficult to receive payments.

To receive payment you have to use online payments services like PayPal. It is no doubt that PayPal is one of the leading company in providing online payment services. But in some situation, it also has some disadvantage.


Then here comes the need to shift to Payoneer. Payoneer is providing the best services without any extra charges and offering the lighting fast money transfer across different countries.

Payoneer features

Now let’s have a glance at the features of Payoneer.

1. lightning fast money transfer

In other payment companies when you transfer money from one country to another country then it takes approximately 3-4 days to arrive in your bank account. this is the biggest disadvantage of most of the companies but Payoneer has solved this long waiting.


In Payoneer, you will get your money within the 2 to 4 hours in your bank account and don’t have to wait for your money to arrive. This is the main reason why many people and companies have started using Payoneer as the mode of money transfer.

2. No extra charge

You don’t have to pay for any kind of extra charge in Payoneer. You will be only charged for the currency conversion when you send one country currency to another country. Other than that you don’t have to pay for anything else.


While sending and receiving money to our friend and family are charged in other companies but this doesn’t happen in Bayonne you can send and receive freely without paying any fee.

3. 25$ signup bonus

You can earn free 25$ bonus when you create a valid Payoneer account. you don’t have to pay anything instead you will be rewarded with 25$. To get it you will have to successfully create a verified account and then when you will have received at least 1000$ in your created account. then you will be automatically rewarded with the 25$ bonus.


5. Payoneer MasterCard

Your request for a Payoneer MasterCard. It is basically a prepaid MasterCard which means you will have to first load the money from the Payoneer wallet and then you can withdraw loaded money from local ATMs or can use it for shopping online or in malls.


To get the MasterCard you will have to pay some fee just like you pay for your ordinary bank debit card. After that, the MasterCard will be shipped to your address and then you can enjoy the benefits of Payoneer.

6. supported all over the world

Payoneer is supported in all the major multinational companies all over the world and it is supported the transaction in more than 150 currencies. this means you can easily receive your payment from the companies without having any kind of troubles. You don’t have to be in stress till the payment arrives. You can focus on another working without the fear of any transaction failure.


7. affiliate program

The most amazing thing in Payoneer is that you can even earn money from their affiliate program. You can easily signup for their affiliate program and then whenever signup comes from your referral link you will get the commission. Many are earning good amount of money through this program.


How to signup and earn Payoneer free bonus

The signup process is very simple you just have to go to their official website there you will see the signup and login options. Click on signup option and then you will be directed to enter the account form.


Just fill the form with the correct details and you will be required to upload the proof of your identity which is your driving license. Passport and other valid documents.

Remember to fill the information correct only otherwise your account will not verify. Once you have completely filled all the required details just click on the submit button. You will also have to link your local bank account in which you want to receive all your Payoneer money.


After clicking on the submit button. The account will go under review and after 24 hours you will be notified about the status of your Payoneer account. if the details will not match with the entered detail then they will notify you about the account.

Once you will receive the successfully opening account email then you will be able to do all the transactions and also when you will meet the required condition for the signup bonus then you will be rewarded with a 25$ free bonus.


so I conclude that Payoneer is better to use if you are blogging.

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